Friday, January 16, 2015

Broga Hill Experience and Some Suggestions

So I had this bucket list that I aim to fulfill. One of it is to attempt Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.

To realise the bucket list, my husband and I have made the arrangements to attempt Mount Kinabalu in early February 2015. So in less than a month to go, training is most definitely in the schedule to ensure that I will be able to complete my attempt. The trip will be with a group of friends who are a mixture of fit (jogs and runs for marathons regularly) definitely not me and unfit (definition of a good work out is brisk walking in shopping mall every weekend) people like me.

So with one of the fit people suggesting some training during a few weekends prior to the trip, the group decided to attempt the Broga Hill first. For me, the Broga Hill hike is an eye opener. Putting aside the fact that we were put to shame as some people carry their babies (crazy) like with Baby Bjorn kinda thing and some 3-4 year olds who can literally and figuratively run to the peak with abundance of energy to spare as if they are the offspring of Superman should he married Wonderwoman instead of Lois Lane. Fortunately, I made it to the peak with my husband after abundance of sweats and a bottle of 100 plus.

For a newbie hiker like me, I am listing down some suggestions to avoid errrr being put to shame by that 3-4 year olds mentioned above :p. The list are as follows:

1) Ensure that you start early (start hiking at 6:30 am or earlier preferably) to catch the sun rise (advisable even if you don't care two hoots about the view etc, do it for the sake that it will be scorching hot right after approximately 8:30);

2) The ascending hike will take about 45 (if u are fit) or more than that if you are not fit. I personally took about an hour and 10 minutes;

3) Make sure that you have a proper breakfast, but nasi lemak etc may not be best. Suggest to take muesli bars with Milo or something light but nutritious before the hike. This could be crucial as one of my friend had a hard time during the hike as he experienced light headed and unable to continue to the peak;

4) Make sure you have proper shoes or at least shoes with good grip, as the path is not even and some areas are quite slippery especially if it rains the night before;

5) Bring a glove. It helps as you may need to rely on rope on certain areas;

6) Bring a cap/hat because it will get hot as mentioned above;

7) Don't forget water, 100 Plus, Sneakers or energy bar, slippers in case you need them, small towel to wipe your sweat and a change of clothes (in case you need it);

8) Bring your own plastic bag to ensure that you manage your own rubbish. Don't litter the place;

9) There will a lot of people during the weekends, so expect human traffic on your way up and down.

10) Have fun! :)

These are some photos of the place and ahemmm ahemm the achievement marks ... haha...

As mentioned earlier human traffic! Actually it was more that was not captured properly in this photo. Ascend and descend early to avoid this.

The first peak, the hardest but it gets a lot easier after that.

The second peak, easy peasy lemon squeezy. :)

Breathtaking view.

The peak. Not the best pose but who cares right. haha...

See i told you more human traffic. :)

Anyhow, it is a Saturday well spent, even if you don't feel like attempting Mount Kinabalu anytime soon. It is literally a fresh option rather than the normal weekend shopping mall visit. :)


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